TLC Workshops

**The TLC will be updating its Spring 2021 events in late January 2021. Please check back for resources and opportunities**



Past Events 

Resilience and Working Minds

Description: This workshop is designed for those interested in discovering different ways of thinking and speaking about designing effective teaching and learning for traumatized minds and identifying the warning signs of learning minds under duress. The workshop offer insights into the areas of attention, memory, production, and performance as these relate to our students’ attaining and demonstrating learning through our courses. We will also look at ways of redesigning our assignments and strategies to address changes to traumatized minds that influence learning.    Click here for the recording and here for the workshop resources.


Caring vs. Care-taking Workshop

Description: Do we know how to care for our students rather than taking care of them? When our students approach us with news of difficult and often traumatic life events that affect their studies, as instructors we often feel compelled to help resolve these situations for them rather than helping guide our students towards greater self-efficacy and self-empowerment. In this workshop, SEEK Academic Counselor and Adjunct Faculty member Delmar Dualeh and TLC Director Gina Rae Foster shared principles and guidelines for choosing caring rather than care-taking roles with those we educate and mentor.
Click here for the recording and workshop resources.


Don’t Panic at the Deluge: Responding to Student Writing Using Digital Tools

Description: By their very nature, online courses often require more student writing than their face-to-face counterparts. While this offers students myriad ways to demonstrate their academic writing abilities, it also presents a challenge to instructors: namely, how to respond to all this work. This presentation discusses the many options faculty have when responding to student writing (one of which is no direct response at all) and then reviews the many tools faculty can use to provide online feedback including audio files, digital rubrics, synchronous conferences, comment boxes, multiple peer review commentary, and student self-reflection
Click here for the recording.


Creating a Framework for a Culturally Affirming, Inclusive and Anti-Racist Curriculum

Description: These podcasts are hosted by John Jay College of Criminal Justice Associate Provost Dara Byrne and Associate Provost Allison Pease to accompany the 2020-2021 process of creating a shared framework for a culturally affirming, inclusive, and anti-racist curriculum that serves all students aspiring to careers in criminal and social justice fields at our proud Hispanic and Minority-Serving college.
Click here for the recordings.