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Outreach flier sharing Distinguished Teaching Prize winner names


Our two Distinguished Teaching Prize winners this year, Madhura Bandyopadhyay and Jerry Lim, are well framed in these two podcasts (only half an hour each!) to spark memories and future plans related to our own teaching and learning journeys.

Madhura Bandyopadhyay, Doctoral Lecturer, English

In this episode, Madhura Bandyopadhyay, Doctoral Lecturer in English and 2023 Winner of the John Jay College Distinguished Teaching Prize, shares her experiences in learning from colleagues, keeping a teaching journal, discovering reciprocity from students during the pandemic, digital writing and the impact of AI, and the importance and practicality of continuing to learn while dealing with trauma. “It’s good to wander a little,” advises Bandyopadhyay, with a further reminder that “Teaching is not individual.”

Click here to listen.

Jerry Lim, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Art & Music

In this episode, Jerry Lim, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art & Music, asks “How do you get past the surface?” as he reflects on his own teaching and learning experiences and his journeys with students. Listen as Lim explores wrestling with biases in terms of content and style and the idea of permission in responding to student work and asking for their feedback. “I want to be as vulnerable as possible in the class,” he says, because “I have a feeling that my students can ask me anything.” Join Jerry Lim in getting past the first surface to immerse yourself in great student-centered teaching.

Click here to listen.