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The Teaching and Learning Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (TLC) provides mentoring, training, and resources to support effective and just teaching and learning in higher education. In these efforts, the TLC partners with multiple programs and departments across the College, including full and part-time faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and administrators. 

Please explore the teaching resources that are offered on this website. Supporting, challenging, and extending information on common teaching approaches and strategies, we include several pages that focus on pedagogies supporting the discussion of anti-racism inside and outside of formal teaching environments. Throughout the site, we include and emphasize resources on anti-racism pedagogies to amplify the voices of those seeking justice through transforming education. 

From Criminal Justice to English, from the Humanities to STEM, John Jay’s departments and courses explicitly and implicitly address the issues of racial inequality, racism, injustice and discrimination. At John Jay College Teaching and Learning Center, we urge our community to embrace and engage in social justice education wherein faculty and students are able to intervene, discuss and understand the fight for justice and the promotion of equity for all people of color and all historically oppressed identities. 

Statement on Racial Justice
We unequivocally speak out against the violence that has cost and is costing the lives of Black Americans. These continuous assaults are clearly embedded in systemic racism and supported by those who intentionally and unintentionally perpetuate hate and racial injustice. As your Teaching and Learning Center, we advocate through action, reflection, and the sharing of resources to support our entire college community in creating justice for all and finding healing and restoration for those who have been the target of oppression.
Please visit our Teaching Resources page for teaching and learning resources to address these essential issues, and please consider joining our conversations and programs focused on these needs. Our students and we ourselves are at risk until we transform how we teach and learn together.
Gina Rae Foster, Director, John Jay Teaching and Learning Center


Mission statement

The Teaching and Learning Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is dedicated to recognizing excellence in teaching and learning, to supporting social justice and equity in public urban higher education, and to providing mentoring, resources, and opportunities that enable faculty, staff, and students to engage with and enhance teaching and learning. 

Contact information

Location: 335 Haaren Hall
Email: tlc@jjay.cuny.edu
Not available by phone during the coronavirus pandemic

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Monday-Thursday, 9:00-5:00 EST; Friday, 9:00-4:00 EST* 

*When the college is open

TLC Remote Operations during COVID-19

During the ongoing challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, the TLC office will be available remotely. Our staff will be working regular hours. 

Please email: tlc@jjay.cuny.edu

*Please note that although the TLC phones have been forwarded to our email account, voice messages are not always received in a timely manner. We advise contacting us through the TLC email address above. We do not have access to fax communications at this time.

Teaching and Learning Center Staff
TLC Director

Gina Rae Foster, PhD
not available by phone during the coronavirus pandemic
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