TLC Starter/Refresher Kit

New to teaching public urban higher education students? Looking to refresh your teaching after several terms of using the same materials and approaches? Use our Teaching Starter/Refresher Kit to re-frame what you think you know about teaching and learning and to make deeper and more positive connections with your students. We suggest following the five steps below in order to optimize your learning and your teaching practices.

Know Your Students
>Who Are John Jay’s Students?

>John Jay Quick Facts 2018
Familiarize Yourself with the Science of How Minds Learn
20 Facts You Must Know About Working Memory

Daniel Willingham’s 9 Principles of the Mind
How Learning Works
Increase Your Awareness of the Systemic Oppressions Your Student Experience
>Teaching Tolerance

>HSI at John Jay

>Learning in Difficult Times
Understand How Systemic Oppressions Affect How Minds Learn

>Effects of Oppression on the Learner’s Brain

>Passive Oppression in Education: Fueling

>How the Stress of Racism Affects Learning
Design Learning Experiences and Assessments that Respond Positively to these Connections
>Universal Design for Learning

>Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy: A Needed Change in Stance, Terminology, and Practice 

>A Collection of Resources for Teaching Social Justice

>21 Social Justice Resources for Teachers

>Teaching Resources for Difficult Times