Teaching & Learning in Difficult Times

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Teaching in Difficult Times

word cloud of responses to George Floyd's death and Derek Chauvin trial

The death of George Floyd in 2020 and subsequent protests and legal proceedings are deeply wrenching for our community. In communicating with students about the issues and responding to their needs, please consider sharing the following resources that seem appropriate to your students and your teaching. We encourage you to read on for more information on teaching about hate, facilitating difficult conversations, referring students, and faculty self-care. Please feel free to suggest resources to the Teaching and Learning Center to increase and enhance those here.

George Floyd, The Derek Chauvin Trial, and Systemic Racism


Teaching about Hate


Facilitating Difficult Conversations


Referring Students



Faculty Self-Care 


                            Learning in Difficult Times

Staying Safe

Legal Support

Understanding Politics & Policies

How, When, & Where to Take Action