TLC Faculty Emails


On March 11, TLC Director Gina Rae Foster began writing a series of emails for faculty to support the transition to remote teaching and learning. These emails cover three areas: 1) the initial redesign and movement of courses to the remote learningscape during March 12-March 18; 2) the re-entry and support of resilience in the new teaching and learning environment, and 3) the recalibration period from March 27-April 1.

The emails draw on Dr. Foster’s training and experience in family and community trauma and resiliency as well her teaching and pedagogical work over the past three decades and more. The emails are collected here in PDF form for convenient access.

Please click on the three categories below to view the emails:

Stability and Community Series

March 11: Your Week Ahead: Making the Teaching Transition Work for You and Your Students

March 12.1: Beginning the Transition: Tips for Practical, Sensible Moves

March 12.2: Shared Questions and Self-Care

March 13.1: Emailing Students and Setting Priorities

 March 13.2: Frameworks, Weekend Plans, and Shared Questions

March 14: Frameworks and Priorities: Our Students Need Us, NOW

March 15: Building the Basics: AWARENESS, ACCESS, ABILITY, and ACTION

March 16.1: Building the Basics: EVERYONE MATTERS


March 17.1: Filling and Polishing: SIMPLIFY, HONOR, and RESPECT

March 17.2: Filling and Polishing: ACCESS and ACCURACY

March 18.1: Proofing, Testing, and Sharing: WHAT’S NECESSARY & NOW

March 18.2:Proofing, Testing, and Sharing; MUTUAL & FLEXIBLE

March 19: Recovery: From TRAUMA to TRUST


NEAR and FAR: Returning to the Remote LearningScape Series

March 19: NEAR and FAR: Returning to the Remote LearningScape Series (Day 1)

March 20: NEAR and FAR: Returning to the Remote LearningScape Series (Day 2)

March 23: NEAR and FAR: Returning to the Remote LearningScape Series (Day 3)

April 2: NEAR and FAR: Once More to the Remote Learningscape

April 6: NEAR and FAR: Attention, Memory, Presence

April 13: Stability as Catalyst: How We Can Identify, Repair, & Reinforce Knowledge to Increase Capacity

April 20: Between Fixed and Fluid: Working with Flexibility and Capacity in Response to Student Needs

April 27: Approaching Our Goals: Connecting Feedback to Flexibility and Capacity

Recalibration Series

March 24: Recalibration: Make the Kind Choice

March 26: Recalibrating: Living with Both/And

March 30: Recalibrating: Honoring Silence