Collaborative Learning

         Collaborative Learning Techniques

Are your students working in teams to conduct research, master difficult
content or create presentations? Have you been practicing peer learning or other
collaborative learning techniques for many semesters, or are you just starting to think
about how to effectively incorporate collaboration in your courses? This seminar is a
forum for full and part-time faculty to explore and implement best practices in
collaborative learning to support positive faculty and student experiences. Faculty
teaching either online or in-person courses, with extensive or limited experience with
collaborative learning are encouraged to apply.

In the fall semester, participants will review current literature on collaborative learning
and related theories, including: Collaborative learning techniques: A handbook for
college faculty, and other selections.

During each fall meeting, participants will discuss readings and analyze case studies of
collaborative learning, including examples from their own teaching practice at John Jay.
In the spring semester, participants will identify one or two collaborative learning
techniques to integrate into their spring curriculum, plan and pilot this new course
content and present the results of their students’ collaborative learning experience to
seminar participants.