2016-17 Seminars

Funded Research

Description: This series is intended to complement other OAR initiatives that support
grant writing, research, scholarship, and creative works. The series utilizes a
comprehensive, project-focused approach to provide support to faculty who have a high
interest in securing external funding, but limited experience in doing so. Recognizing
that our most effective resource is the accumulated experience of our externally funded
research faculty, we leverage the institutional knowledge of this cohort by inviting them
to participate as mentors, who will work with participants to develop a lasting culture of
funded research and scholarship across the disciplines at John Jay College.

Online/Digital Teaching

Description: The Online-Digital Teaching Seminar is designed to build on the online
teaching and learning initiatives at John Jay College, such as the Spring 2016
Discover, Design, Develop (D3) Fellowship. This workshop series continues the
discussions of online/hybrid learning theory, tools, and applications. The following
sessions will be led by faculty who participated in the D3 Fellowship, in their areas of
expertise, in partnership with the John Jay Online and Teaching and Learning Center
1. Online/hybrid learning environments
2. The SAMR Model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition)
3. Increasing engagement through discussion boards
4. Designing interactive knowledge organizers
5. Peer mentoring for faculty-produced videos
6. Benefits of student-produced video projects
7. Using apps and games to reinforce learning and foster motivation
8. Creating rubrics for digital essay assignments

Practical Teaching

Description: The Practical Teaching Seminar focuses on introducing and modelling
effective, hands-on strategies for classroom learning and management, many of which
also apply to online teaching. Drawing from constructivist, brain-based learning, trauma
and resiliency theory, and decades of experience working with students in public urban
education, Gina Rae Foster, Teaching and Learning Center Director, will guide
participants in the theory and application of practical skills to engage students and “raise
the stakes” in classroom and online course interactions. Participants will share syllabi,
assignments, and strategies throughout the year supported by online discussion forums
and readings between sessions.

Supporting and Challenging Transfer Students

Description: The Challenging and Supporting Transfer Students group will meet to
discuss perceptions and interventions that affect transfer student success from both
student and faculty perspectives Faculty who participate will share responsibility for
readings and resources as well as leading group discussions. The sessions will be Cofacilitated
by the Director of Educational Partnerships and General Education and the
Associate Director of Transfer Programs.